• Shrey Dhawan

The results are's who India thinks is the richest MDS

We conducted an opinion survey amongst over 1000 dentists in various stages of their education and career in order to understand the prevailing perception towards the earning potential of various MDS branches.

While we acknowledge that the potential to earn lies very much with the individual doctor his approach, dedication and expertise. This study gives us a snap shot into what Indian dentists think about who is making the most money. Interestingly, despite all the fan-fare, excitement and hype of dental implants, dentists still consider Orthodontics and Endodontics to be the more lucrative. Traditional dentistry is noted as being the money maker and it will be interesting to see how this trend changes over time.

Orthodontists are perceived as the highest income group, closely Followed by Endodontists. The implant community represented by Oral Surgery and Prosthodontists is likely to show some explosive growth in the coming few years. We also expect Pedodontics to stage an entry to the race with a huge trend towards pedodontics developing with time.

If you are looking to conduct market research or would like to get involved with goxp in any capacity, do reach out to us.

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